New Myrex Laboratories, Inc.

June 01, 2006 was extremely significant for KYLEMED Group of Companies as it acquired Myrex Ethica Laboratories Inc., a Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant located in Bo. Sulucan,Catmon, Sta. Maria Bulacan. Prior to the acquisition, Kylemed Group has eight (8) companies under its corporate umbrella and has been active in the pharmaceutical business for the past twenty years, presently catering to more than two thousand distributors nationwide, as far as marketing and distribution of locally manufactured products as well as imported preparations form reputable manufacturing companies form the USA and across Asia are concerned. Each of the companies under the Kylemed Group has its own specialty lines and distinctive functions, thus for the past twenty years, Kylemed Group of Companies has continously nurtured its good name and has established its credibility and integrity within the local pharmaceutical industry amidst well entrenched multinational firms-maintaining its strong industry position as amongst the frontline of Filipino owned pharmaceutical firms. On the other hand, Myrex Laboratories Inc, was founded in 1985, and initially operated as a drug trader/distributor, with plant and offices located in San Juan, Metro Manila. Its manufacturing operations started in 1988 and with the expansion of its manufacturing operations to include toll manufacturing services, a bigger facility was built at its current site in Bulacan, which became operatioanl in 2002. The acquisition of Myrex Laboratories Inc. was as welcome development for Kylemed’s growing clientele and it was a way to resolve the marketing group’s clamor to supply the local market’s growing demand for a wider range of preparations. One important factor considered in the acquisition was that Myrex products have established a niche in the industry. More significantly, during Myrex’ early years (early 1989), it was then, Kylemed Inc. (now Kylemed Group’s holding company), as a Trading and Distribution Company, which exclusively carried the poducts manufactured by Myrex and has been highly regarded as the company that paved the way for Myrex products to be accepted by dealers and end-users. The past several years were hounded by harsh economic realities, as a great number of manufacturing firms have either folded up or were upped for sale. Myrex Ethica Laboratories Inc. was not spared and was one of those faced with severe difficulties notably regarding its strict complaince to BFAD regulations and its continuing struggle to pay its debts. The individual companies under Kylemed Group’s organization on the other hand, despite the not so pleasant over-all industry climate with its successful accomplishments year after year. Thus, when Myrex plant was offered for sale to Kylemed Group as early as two years ago, a series of negotiationsand evaluations followed with the result of Kylemed Group finally acquiring Myrex Ethica Laboratories Inc., as one of its subsidiaries in a historic contract signing last 01 June 2006. Immediately after its acquisition, a comprehensive expansion plan was charted to maximize the plant’s potential as to its total production output as well as to uplift its corporate image which was tarnished during the closing years of its existence under the previous management. Thus exactly a year after acquisition, on 01 June 2007, Kylemed Group is proud to unveil Myrex Ethica Laboratories Inc.’s new corporate name and identity- as NEW MYREX LABORATORIES INC. The general state of affairs of the business sector all over the country is still of apprehension and concern brought about by the continous political and economic turmoil. We, at Kylemed Group of Companies, however are undaunted. The Task ahead is tough and difficult; nevertheless, WE STAND BY OUR COMMITMENT that in our own humble way, a 100% Filipino owned company will remain in the forefront of serving the Filipino of high quality yet very affordable pharmaceutical preparations. It is only thought the concerted efforts of us Filipinos, that in our own small way, we could help perk our economy through our sector.


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  • Island: Luzon
  • Site: Catmon
  • Province: Bulacan
  • Province PSGC: 031400000
  • Region Name: Region III
  • Region PSGC: 030000000
  • Municipality Name: Sta. Maria
  • Municipality PSGC: 031423000
  • Country: Philippines
  • Postcode: 3022
  • Phone number: (044) 299 6366
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  • Ownership Major Classification: New Myrex Laboratories, Inc.
  • Ownership Sub Classification for Government Facilities: Private