The Metro Vigan Multipurpose Cooperative Hospital (MVMCH) is a tertiary hospital that is conveniently located at the heart of Metro Vigan– in the municipality of Bantay, province of Ilocos Sur. It is easily accessible to public transportation and is only two hundred meters away from the Bantay national highway. It was initiated by a group of physicians in 1997 and in that same year, was registered under the Cooperative Development Authority as Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital. Since then, MVMCH has become one of Ilocos Sur’s premiere hospitals, committed to the pursuit of rendering quality and safe medical care to its patient clientele. A Multidisciplinary Team approach in dealing with its patient clientele has been adopted by Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital to provide a complete and holistic specialized care. It is equipped with modern diagnostic equipments and therapeutic modalities needed to surmount the onslaught and the debilitating effects of various medical and surgical illnesses that have beset mankind since the early ages. It has a full complement of well-trained and highly qualified medical specialists. At present, MVMCH is continually upgrading its equipment, facilities and systems to meet the growing needs of the community. To realize this, MVMCH is investing in its human capital resources. Aside from providing medical services, the Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital also provides the training ground of future Nurses, Pharmacists, Physical therapists, and other allied Health services. Metro Vigan Cooperative Hospital is a 61-bed, level 2 hospital with major clinical departments namely: Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesia, and ancillary services namely: Radiology, Clinical and Anatomic Pathology, Dental Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dietary.


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Roxas Dike, Bantay, Roxas Dike, Bantay, Luzon, Ilocos Sur

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Region 1

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Digna R. Ragasa, MD,MHA,FPCHA

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Medical Director

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Barangay II

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