Mandaue City Social Hygiene Clinic

If you’re sexually active, there are many ways to protect yourself from HIV. The best way is to get tested and know your status. At Mandaue City Social Hygiene Clinic, we offer confidential and free testing services for those who may be at risk of contracting the virus. We also provide counseling and treatment referrals if necessary. Our goal is to help people understand their risks so they can make informed decisions about their sexual health.


  • Our Address: A. Soriano Ave, Mandaue
  • Email address: ---
  • Web: ---
  • Island: Visayas
  • Site: Mandaue City
  • Province: Cebu
  • Province PSGC: 072200000
  • Region PSGC: 070000000
  • Municipality Name: MANDAUE CITY
  • Municipality PSGC: 072230000
  • Country: Philippines
  • Postcode: 6014
  • Phone number: (032) 268 2489
  • Contact Person: Dr. Edna Seno and Dr. Debra Maria Catulong
  • Contact Title: Social Hygiene Clinic Physician
  • Contact2: ---
  • Contact2 Title: ---
  • Barangay Name: ---
  • Barangay PSGC: ---
  • Health Facility Code: ---
  • Health Facility Code Short: ---
  • Ownership Major Classification: Government
  • Ownership Sub Classification for Government Facilities: Local Government Unit