Bioessence Facial and Slimming Center, Inc.

Pioneered in Marfori, Davao City by a Dermatologist, Dr. Emma Beleno in 1994. Bioessence specialized in skin, slimming and spa services tailor fitted for Filipinos. Bioessence is a premium skin and body wellness center designed to provide complete non-invasive services that rejuvenates the skin, the body and the mind. With over 25 years of unparalleled success in the industry, it has already grown into 32 branches nationwide and counting. Bioessence’s founder, a renowned dermatologist and skin care specialist, Dr. Emma Beleno (Dr. ERB) upholds utmost professionalism in the practice of skin care and wellness and she passes on the same ideals to all her staff and employees who are all well-trained in their respective fields of specialization – making Bioessence a pioneer in professionalizing the beauty and wellness industry.


  • Our Address: 67 West Avenue, Quezon City
  • Email address:
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  • Island: Luzon
  • Site: West Avenue
  • Province: Metro Manila
  • Province PSGC: 137500000
  • Region Name: National Capital Region
  • Region PSGC: 133900000
  • Municipality Name: Quezon City
  • Municipality PSGC: 137404000
  • Country: Philippines
  • Postcode: 1104
  • Phone number: (02) 8371 2931
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  • Contact2 Title: ---
  • Barangay Name: ---
  • Barangay PSGC: ---
  • Health Facility Code: ---
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  • Ownership Major Classification: Bioessence Facial and Slimming Center, Inc.
  • Ownership Sub Classification for Government Facilities: Private