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Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital (DDVMH) is a private 100-bed tertiary hospital spread out on a two-hectare plot in the most accessible Mayombo District, in the heat of Dagupan City. With more that 150 highly-trained medical consultants…

Dr Marcelo M Chan Memorial Hospital Inc is an enterprise located in Philippines, with the main office in Pangasinan. It operates in the Hospitals industry.

The hospital for the rich and the poor. Providing QUALITY service since 2003 to the San Carlenean

Luzon Medical Center was established in 1968 by Don Luis F. Samson Sr. who was also the founder of Luzon Colleges now known as the University of Luzon. Don Luis vision was to provide quality education and quality healthcare. Luzon Colleges then was…