Luzon Medical Center was established in 1968 by Don Luis F. Samson Sr. who was also the founder of Luzon Colleges now known as the University of Luzon. Don Luis vision was to provide quality education and quality healthcare. Luzon Colleges then was the forefront in nursing education. Luzon Medical Center as a subsidiary of the school was founded together with the pioneer physicians in the region whose names now are an institution in their respective fields. The hospital was the premiere hospital in the region. The building originally designed and patterned after US military hospitals in Asia were engineered by Engr. MacArthur Samson, who used to worked as an engineer and planner in a New York based engineering firm. The original facilities consisted of a helipad, centralized ventilation and air-condition system and a elevator shaft. The rooms were designed to be spacious enough to accommodate equipment and several beds. The Luzon Medical Center then was known as one of the best hospitals in the region. To the mid 1980’s however, LMC suffered from the recession and incurred losses. The building was leased to a group of doctors just to sustain the name Luzon Medical Center. But in 1995 it was vacated and most of the facilities and equipment were found to be ill maintained and structures were left to rot. Don Luis Samson Sr. then decided to take back LMC back and rehabilitate it to become a functional hospital. Only the first floor and second floor were functional. LMC occupancy rates were low not exceeding 12 patients daily, although low patient density, the hospital was able to comply with the Department of Health requirements to attain Tertiary Level Status. An achievement which raised eyebrows among counterparts. LMC was getting back on its feet. Kidney Transplant were done in the hospital as LMC is an accredited Kidney Transplant Hospital in the region. Again another achievement. In 2006, a change in leadership were made. Dr. Renan M. Aquino, a young general surgeon, was entrusted the responsibility of spearheading the institution. The main goal was to increase patient occupancy. The new medical director noted the lack of facilities, equipment and additional rooms to be able to compete with other hospitals in the city. On the following year, a plan was drafted to equip the hospital and make renovations despite LMC’s low income. Equipment suppliers and pharmaceutical companies were willing to support LMC based on mutual trust and understanding and to be able to endure the long term business relationship. At present, The Luzon Medical Center now boasts of a 70 bed capacity, modern laboratory facility, automated business system, endoscopic surgery, a cardiac diagnostic facility, center for diabetes, rehabilitation facility, pulmonary and lung care section, x-ray and ultrasound and soon to open a dual slice CT scan section. LMC also supports its staff for a continuing medical education. LMC patient occupancy now has tripled. Needless to say, LMC is now better equipped and better staffed to prove that the best quality healthcare need not be expensive.


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Mc Arthur Highway, Tapuac District, Dagupan City, Luzon, Pangasinan

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Region 1

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Dagupan City

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Dr. Aurora Samson – Reyna

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Dr. Renan M. Aquino, FPAMS, FICS

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Medical Director

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