Kutis Filipina Inc.

Our Philosophy and Belief have stemmed out from the idea that each kind of skin is unique and no same individual has the same need. That is why we have created services that would cater to the uniqueness of different skin and unify it in a way that it can address the special requirement of each of our clients. We maximize the current technology in the market by studying it and making sure that it will not just be a trend; but that it will deliver results and solution to the problems our client he or she is facing. We make sure that cost is directly proportional to the needs and solution that it can deliver. We innovate, improve, and enhance our treatment services by the latest research and findings in a global scale and not dependent on sheer marketing. The Kutis Filipina Team is imbued with the belief and principle that providing an excellent service is not enough; but instead delivering the solution to the problem our client is experiencing by creating satisfaction base on research, understanding, knowledge, and walking with our client through the whole process will guarantee a holistic approach in relaxation, therapy and enlightenment. And lastly we structure our company to the idea that a Human Being’s completeness is dependent on the trinity of life. The PHYSICAL Entity, the Entity of the MIND, and lastly SPIRITUAL Entity. Orbiting around these three help us create and innovate treatments, services, and products that won’t disturb or better yet complete the person.


  • Our Address: 2Nd Floor Esj Bldg. No. 67 Gil Fernando St., Brgy. San Roque, Marikina City
  • Email address: kutisfilipina@gmail.com
  • Web: http://kutisfilipina.com/
  • Island: Luzon
  • Site: San Roque
  • Province: Metro Manila
  • Province PSGC: 137500000
  • Region Name: National Capital Region - Second District
  • Region PSGC: 137400000
  • Municipality Name: Marikina City
  • Municipality PSGC: 137402000
  • Country: Philippines
  • Postcode: 1800
  • Phone number: 0917 503 8784
  • Contact Person: ---
  • Contact Title: ---
  • Contact2: ---
  • Contact2 Title: ---
  • Barangay Name: ---
  • Barangay PSGC: ---
  • Health Facility Code: ---
  • Health Facility Code Short: ---
  • Ownership Major Classification: Kutis Filipina Inc.
  • Ownership Sub Classification for Government Facilities: Private